Retaining Walls

Turn useless waste in to usable space through the effective use of well-designed retaining walls.

Retaining walls are an excellent option for creating extra useable space around the exterior of your property that would otherwise be useless due to sloping ground and water run-off. This can mean that your redundant garden and grounds can be landscaped to provide quality outdoor space without the worry of collapse from the pressure of retained water and earth behind the wall. A poorly designed retaining wall could temporarily look suitable but could be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Instead, consultant a Structural Engineer to design a long-term solution that can will endure.
When building a retaining wall, considerations must be made as to the force from the weight of the earth and/ or water behind it which is likely to change with weather conditions. Proper drainage must also be incorporated to relieve the pressure of wet earth that is retained by the wall and the construction must be fit for its size and function. A quality Structural Engineering firm such as ADS could help you to create useable terraces in outside space that would otherwise be useless sloping ground. Building retaining walls can add value to your property by allowing the exterior to be properly landscaped, creating an attracting home even on challenging ground.

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