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As a Property Developer and House Builder your primary concerns are achieving schemes that look attractive to buyers; balancing quality and cost in relation to sale price; and building homes that are engineered for the long term. This means that you can achieve the best price for each unit that gives the new owners a quality home, meaning you reap the rewards of referrals, positive reviews and healthy profit margins.

The problem is that, as more new House Builders enter the market as a result of government incentives there is greater competition when selling new build homes; depressing prices and squeezing margins. This means that your ability to grow your company and reach your commercial aspirations is at risk and therefore you need to be sure that you are achieving quality of construction at the most affordable price, in the shortest time frame.

ADS can help to ensure your buildings are designed to be built quickly, solidly and safely. Onsite delays can be minimised through the use of detailed 3D drawings that account for topographical variations. The planning phase of your scheme can be accelerated by utilising the combined Civil and Structural Engineering skills available at ADS without the need to find and manage multiple engineering suppliers. Expenditure can be optimised through accurately calculating the materials necessary to achieve the levels of quality and safety you require.

By using ADS for your Structural and Civil Engineering support you can be confident that every effort has been made to engineer the homes contained in your Architect’s vision without compromising the internal space. Many modern homes have large open plan spaces that some engineers might be inclined fragment with interruptive columns. ADS work hard to understand your vision and create contemporary spaces your buyers demand. Through the use of technology, unencumbered open plan rooms can be engineered without compromising your design.

You can confidently create a seamless buyer-experience by using a quality firm for both your Civil and Structural Engineering. ADS Engineers can ensure congruency in all aspects from the design drainage, roadways, parking and other civil engineering aspects, to the layout of each home.

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