Loft Conversions

Add up to 20% to the value of your home*

A good quality loft conversion can add 20%* to the value of your home however a poorly design conversion can be significantly detrimental to your ability to sell and the safety of your family.

Loft conversions are attractive to many home owners who want more space in their property because it uses existing space and does not alter the footprint of the house. This means that often planning permission is not required and no compromise is made to the size of gardens or driveways as might be experienced when building an extension or conservatory. However, the structural challenges associated with converting roof space are often underestimated which could incur significant cost, disruption and emotional stress at a later stage.

Loft conversions will usually require structural alterations to the floor, roof, walls and the addition of a staircase to provide adequate access and escape in the event of fire. There are also considerations that must be made as to the safe and efficient heating, lighting and insulation of your newly created room(s).

ADS could remove the time, cost and hassle associated with creating more room space in your property by producing high quality drawings and plans that satisfy all regulations and best practices, enabling your builders to work quickly and efficiently.

*Source: The Guardian, 2016

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