Cost-Effectively create more space without compromising the structure and safety of your home

Building an extension can be beneficial for your family and the value of your property. There are however often issues that can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. Unfortunately this can leave you wondering whether the project was worth the inevitable cost and upheaval. Hiring a quality Structural Engineer could provide a solution.

Any building work that alters the appearance of your property from the outside will require a Local Authority Planning Permission Application that accurately details the existing plans, proposed plans and a range of associated assessments. Furthermore, any structural change to the building such as the removal of walls, modifications to roof structures or the installation of new steel joists (etc) must comply with Building Regulations. Your Building Regulations application must prove that the proposed changes to the property will not compromise its structural integrity. To do this you will need a Structural Engineer.

A quality Structural Engineering firm such as ADS Structural will accurately produce calculations and make recommendations of structural adaptations that should be made in order to maintain the proper support of the property. In some cases this may involve the installation of steel joists, columns, lintels or foundation reinforcement in order to create the space you want without compromising your vision. ADS can use advanced structural technology to accurately find the exact materials for your build using the most cost effective solution.

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