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Every construction project has 4 important components that must be balanced; cost, quality, timescale and safety.

  • Will the project cost more than the budget allows?
  • Will the quality of the building and materials mean it is structurally sound?
  • Will time be wasted in the planning phases of the project, incurring additional costs?
  • Will the property be safe for the families, colleagues and customers that are intended to use it once completed?

These are the questions that are answered by the ADS team on a daily basis in our capacity as Structural Engineers. In general, structural engineers bring architects’ drawings to life, making calculations and recommendations as to the supporting structure that allows that property to be built safely, on time, within budget and stand for many years to come.

Meeting Budget Requirements

Through experience, blended with innovative technology, ADS can calculate the most cost-efficient materials that allow the structure to be built properly whilst eliminating wastage meaning funds can be reallocated to other areas of your project.

Quality Buildings

Whilst your budget is important, so is the quality of your building. Whether commercial or domestic, your building is a reflection of you and your organisation or family. ADS can make recommendations as to building materials that meet both your quality and budget requirements. These are then demonstrated in high quality 2D and 3D visualisations to ensure all parties understand your project in exception detail; maximising their ability to produce quality work.

Time efficiency

Costs are incurred from the first day of your project. The longer it takes to complete your planning, design and build phases, the more expensive it can be. ADS continually invest in technology and experienced team members to save you time in two ways. Firstly, advanced technology shortens the process of producing drawings and cost-effective plans for your project. Secondly, once engineers and contractors are on-site, the high quality drawings and visualisations have allowed teams to work around topographical issues that would otherwise cause delays to works.

Safe Buildings

Ensuring a project is completely safe in its construction and use is a priceless task. The safety of those you intend to use the property upon completion is of paramount importance. Construction and refurbishment is designed to match the purpose and personality of the property however there are structural considerations to ensure that there are no accidents in the short or medium term that could lead to significant problems. ADS will always strive to meet your design with innovative engineering that means seamless use of your building without compromising the safety of those inside.

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The Process


“Giving life to your idea”. An ADS Engineer will visit your site to perform a rigorous examination of the ground and / or the structure. Following the site visit, your Structural Engineer Report will be compiled ready for the next phase.


ADS Structural Engineers are there to ensure the building is structurally sound and fully compliant with building and planning regulations. You can be confident that your project will be structurally sound, that construction will complete without any major challenges and that the finished build will be of highest possible standards. Things can change during construction so your team must be adaptable. A full construction phase support service from ADS ensures that on-site alterations & queries are handled quickly with cost and construction programme in mind.


ADS Engineers are committed to seeing your project through to completion giving you peace-of-mind that you have expert support at every stage of your project.