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Extensions, Conversions & Alterations

If you are planning to convert or extend your property in a way that alters the appearance of it from the outside you will need to apply to your local council for Planning Permission. You will need to appoint an architect or plan drawer to make plans of what the property looks like now (existing plans) and what it will look like after the work has been done (proposed plans).

You or your agent must send these plans to your local council for approval.

If the conversion or extension involves the removal of load bearing elements of your house (eg walls or roof timbers) you will need to show that the structural alterations comply with Building Regulations. You do this by submitting structural design calculations and /or drawings to your local council for Building Regulations approval. This is where you need the services of a structural engineer, who will produce structural calculations and drawings for you or your agent to send to your local council.

Some alterations are internal (i.e. knocking a wall down between two rooms or removing a chimney breast.) and do not require planning permission but still require Building Regulations approval if they involve altering the structural elements of the house. If you are not sure whether what you intend to remove is load bearing, ask an engineer to advise before you start building work - far safer to pay for a site visit than risk you or your family's health.


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